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Salmon seen returning earlier to area streams to spawn

Salmon have been seen making their way upstream through Ferndale in Schell Creek.

According to Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association (NSEA) Program Director Annitra Peck, Chinook, and sometimes Coho, salmon can be seen in Schell Creek.

The salmon have come over 5 miles upstream by the time they go under Main Street by Hendrickson Avenue. The salmon can be viewed from the Main Street sidewalk.

Peck told Discover Ferndale, while viewing the salmon can be a great experience, it is best for everyone, including the salmon, when certain rules of viewing etiquette are followed:

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Click for more information

  • View the salmon quietly
  • Keep pets away from the creek
  • Do not disturb the creek bed and bank
  • Do not poke or throw rocks at the salmon

While these rules may seem obvious, earlier today Ferndale Police were dispatched to a report of a person hitting salmon in the creek with a stick. A salmon carcass and a heavy stick could be seen in the area but police were unable to locate the suspect.

A salmon carcass can be seen by Schell Creek following a report of a person hitting salmon with a stick (November 8, 2016). Photo: Discover Ferndale

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