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Nooksack River Level Forecast

Nooksack River level monitoring station locations in Whatcom County

The Nooksack River is a beautiful part of Whatcom County. But it is not without its hazards. Flooding is something to be prepared for all year round. Whatcom News makes it easy to keep your eye on the river forecasts as provided by the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service and National Weather Service and shared here.

How to read the graphs:
Look to the left axis for the river level in feet and recent past and upcoming dates along the bottom axis.


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North Fork near Glacier
North Fork just above Middle Fork
Middle Fork near Deming
South Fork near Saxon bridge

Stages (gauge height in feet)
9.5′ Major flood stage
8.5′ Moderate flood stage
8.0′ Minor flood stage
6.9′ Action stage

South Fork at Potter Road
Nooksack River at North Cedarville

Stages (gauge height in feet)
150.0′ Major flood stage
148.0′ Moderate flood stage
146.5′ Minor flood stage
144.8′ Action stage

Nooksack River at Everson

Stages (gauge height in feet)
83.5′ Minor flood stage
83.0′ Action stage

Nooksack River at Ferndale

Stages (gauge height in feet)
23.0′ Major flood stage
20.5′ Moderate flood stage
18.0′ Minor flood stage
15.0′ Action stage


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