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Fire and aid incidents log

The following is a real-time incident log of recent fire and aid dispatches throughout Whatcom County as reported by PulsePoint via their connection to the dispatch center located in Bellingham (aka ‘Prospect’). The log does not include law enforcement dispatches.

This is a good place to look when you hear sirens in your neighborhood and are wondering why.

Unit abbreviations are explained below.

Note: Dispatches are the result of information reported and are not confirmation that an incident has actually occurred or has been reported to dispatchers accurately. Incidents involving criminal activity may be intentionally absent.


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Apparatus abbreviations

# = the station the apparatus is based out of (e.g. A41 is out of Whatcom Fire District 7 Station 41)

A# – aid box/ambulance (provides basic life support/BLS)
ALNW – Airlift Northwest
ARF# – airport rescue and fire
B# – battalion chief (typically dispatched with multiple apparatus to provide a command point)
BR# – brush truck (able to go off-road to reach vegetation fires)
C# – fire chief or assistant fire chief
CP# – community paramedic
E# – engine
EMS# – medic supervisor dispatched to take calls when medic units are not available
IS# – fire inspector
L# – ladder truck
M# – medic/EMT unit (provides advance life support/ALS)
MR# – marine rescue
MSO# – medical services officer
NOMED# – ???
REHAB# – rehabilitation unit (provides a place for firefighters and victims to sit, get water, recharge SCBA tanks, etc.)
RS# – rescue unit, (typically carries equipment for collapsed things or high-angle rescues)
SVSTAF – staff tone for additional supervisors at a large incident
TR# – training officer
U# – utility truck (equipped with rescue tools and some off-road ability)
USCG – Coast Guard
WCDEM – Whatcom County Department of Emergency Management

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