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Opinion: Supports replacement School Levy

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I am writing to ask all of my Ferndale neighbors to join me in voting “Yes” for the Ferndale School District’s Replacement Operations Levy.

As an educator, a child and grandchild of educators, a Ferndale Alumni, and a the parent of a current Ferndale student and a Windward High School Alumni, I know there is nothing more essential than the investment we make in our children. Preparing our young people to become thoughtful and productive members of our community is one of the most important things we collectively do as a society. It is our obligation to our children, grandchildren, neighbors’ children, future employees, and future leaders.

As Mayor, I work every day to ensure that our city is competitive today and into the future. Investment in K-12 education is much more than simply an investment in our youth, it is a shared investment in future leadership, our workforce, and our community as a whole.

I understand those of you that have disagreements with some school district decisions but let’s not take those grievances out on our youth. Without this replacement Operations Levy, proposed cuts to the Ferndale School District’s budget will have a profound impact on our schools and extracurricular programs that will set our children back for a generation.

These are difficult times and we need to be supporting our students, not gutting their classrooms. Please make sure you complete your ballot – this measure is near the end, but it is not to be missed. On or before November 3rd, 2020 please vote “Yes” on the Ferndale School District’s replacement Operations Levy – It’s a matter of pride!

Greg Hansen

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