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Submit a Letter to the Editor (LTTE)

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Letters to the Editor on My Ferndale News provide an opportunity to share a unique opinion and perspective on an issue, event or other aspect of life in the Ferndale area. Examples include

  • a note of thanks for something or someone
  • a critique of My Ferndale News coverage
  • suggestions for ways to better enjoy life in Ferndale
  • complaint about where “the system” is failing the community

It is hoped that publishing LTTEs will spur public discussions that may flesh out and promote new solutions, perspectives and/or courses of action thus improving quality-of-life.

Key to any constructive discussion is treating all opinions and perspectives with respect, even those that oppose your own. As such, only constructive contributions will be published here. Anonymous submissions will be rejected.

It is the publisher’s decision which letters will be published. The reason why or why not may not always be provided to the submitter. Letters containing personal attacks and foul language are immediately disregarded. Letters may be edited at the publisher’s discretion.

There are no word count limits on LTTEs. If you’re boring the reader, you’re only hurting your own cause. The same is true if you’re so brief you don’t explain yourself or substantiate claims. That said, 1000 words is a good point to stay under and 800 might be even better.

During elections, approved LTTE submissions may not be published until the following Saturday.

Please use the form below to submit your letter for consideration to be published on

By clicking the SUBMIT button you grant My Ferndale News permission to publish the information and your name as provided above including edits at the publisher’s discretion.

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