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Letter to the Editor: Supports Llanos for city council

This letter is in regard to Ramon Llanos and his character. Currently Ramon is running for Ferndale City Council Position 7. There have been letters written by individuals who have not taken the time to know him and only go by what has been printed and said in interviews and letters in support of Ramon as well.

I know Ramon to be a fair and honest individual. He is a governing agent in a local business, and he is a community leader and a resident of the City of Ferndale. Ramon has donated a lot of his personal and professional time to the City of Ferndale and Whatcom County over the years. He has found ways to save the city money on projects while following the rules and regulations as outlined by the city, county and state.

He has not used his position within his company to influence any decisions within the city. As a business owner, he does work for individuals who do business with the City of Ferndale in building and land development, but that is the business he is in. With his knowledge and expertise as an engineer, he has been able to work within the rules and regulations that are outlined by the city in every project to ensure that all is done correctly and will be beneficial to both the community and the land owners while following the laws. He does not ask for favors or work around the requirements to complete his job.

Ramon has been a big part of the development within the city. He has helped save thousands of dollars on the library project, he has donated his own time and money into projects that are beneficial to the community. He has been instrumental in the Catalyst Program and working the Western Washington University, the City of Ferndale, and the local community members to help bring more residential and commercial business to Ferndale. Ramon’s goal as a city council member is to help in the decision making and offer his expertise and knowledge to ensure the citizens of Ferndale are taken care of in a fair and honest way.

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Although I do not live in the City of Ferndale, I do work within the city limits and support all the local businesses.

Tracy Kaus
Maple Falls

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