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Weather You May Not Remember is Coming

Photo: Discover Ferndale

It has been a summer to remember, chocked full of 80°F-plus days and very little rain. Rain? Remember rain? The weather man tells us we are about to get a big reminder.

According to the National Weather Service special statement issued this morning, August 27th, regarding weather expected to arrive tonight:

The dome of high pressure that has prevailed over the
region will give way… allowing wet and cooler conditions to
become established over the area.

This weekend and into next week the daytime temperatures are not expected to exceed 70°F and rainfall is expected to range between 0.25″ and 1.0″ a day. As a front passes the area Saturday, high winds are expected with some areas forecast to get 45 to 50-MPH gusts.

So just how hot and dry was it this summer? Here are some local stats gleaned from WeatherUnderground data:

  • There were as many days with measureable rain from May to August as there was in the month of April (7 days).
  • The total amount of measureable rain from May to August (to date) was 1.66 inches. The average rainfall for the same period is 6.5 inches.
  • There were 26 days of 80-degree or higher temperatures from June to August (to date).
  • The highest and average temperatures for each month
    • High Temp / Average
    • May  76 °F / 66 °F
    • June  87 °F / 74 °F
    • July  93 °F / 77 °F
    • August 86 °F / 76 °F (to date)


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