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US-Canada border crossing closed due to protests again

Traffic camera at 8th Avenue and Highway 15 (February 19, 2022). Source:

BLAINE, Wash. — The Pacific Highway (SR544) truck border crossing has been closed to all traffic today, Saturday, February 19th, in response to a protest on the Canadian side.

Today’s closure echoes a closure last weekend related to protests against Canada’s COVID-19 mandates.

Looking at traffic cameras on the US side of the border, there were no significant impacts as of 1pm but backups were visible northbound at the Blaine Peace Arch, Lynden and Sumas crossings.

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT reported nearly a 2-hour wait at the Peace Arch crossing.

UPDATE: About 8pm, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police advised all roads on their side of the border had been reopened. It appeared the border was reopened shortly after.


  1. Bill February 19, 2022

    It is interesting that the people who do not want to get vaccinated are causing disruption to the people who are vaccinated. The protesters should stand on the side of the road to make their statements and let the rest of us continue with our daily lives and keep the border open.

  2. roy anderberg February 19, 2022

    This is not about the vaxxed vs. the unvaxxed, it is a question of whether a person can be forced to inject a chemical into their bodies without knowing what the long term effects are (6-8 years like a normal vaccine),. Even Dr. Fauci said the masks don’t work but only make you “feel good.” and that was into the beginning of the pandemic. We were told the vaccine would keep you from getting covid-19 but it didn’t, then a second shot, and then a booster, and then…….
    It is really not a vaccine (they had to change the definition of the word “vaccine”, because it simply didn’t keep you from getting the virus, and after two plus years, it still doesn’t.

  3. Michael February 20, 2022

    ~90% of Canadians are vaccinated, these protests are about standing up to governments progressively taking and not willingly giving back heavy handed control of its citizens. Long term erosion of our civil liberties seemed far fetched and paranoid when all of the mandates started. 2 years later, maybe not… the government will not even talk to its constituents when they peacefully protest the mandates and instead smear them as “nazi”, “racists”, “misogynists”, “anti-vaccers”, etc through state aligned media then send in the horse riding and machine gun armed riot police to take them down. Freezing bank accounts, seizing property, taking children and pets, ruining the lives of people protesting gov… I do wonder… why didn’t / don’t they just talk to them? Not the Canada I grew up in.

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