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Updated: Nearby- Freedom Convoy supporters block roads on Canadian side of Pacific Highway border crossing

Traffic camera at 8th Avenue and Highway 15 (February 12, 2022). Source:

Freedom Convoy heads for South Surrey border crossing

The convoy took off from Chilliwack earlier on Saturday (Feb. 12) for the third week of protest.

By Lauren Collins | Surrey Now-Leader

Protesters have been at the Pacific Highway Border Crossing for the past several days. It comes after two weeks of convoys from Langley driving to downtown Vancouver. RCMP are on scene and working to disperse the crowd. Click here to read the entire story at Surrey Now-Leader.

Looking at traffic cameras on the US side of the border, there were no visible impacts as of 2pm inasmuch as there was very little traffic.

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Click for more information

As of 3:45pm, Washington State Department of Transportation officials reported the Pacific Highway crossing was closed but that all other US-Canada border crossings remained open. Blaine Police said traffic was being diverted to the Peace Arch crossing.

Looking north across the Pacific Highway border crossing (February 12, 2022). Photo courtesy of Blaine Police


  1. Garion Porter February 12, 2022

    yes – amazing how a police state can creep on you. If you let it…

  2. scotranney February 14, 2022

    Sure, it’s a peaceful protest unless they unlawfully blockade an international border, then they are no longer protesters and should be treated as criminals. As soon as they start breaking laws, law enforcement needs to come down on them like bricks to help remind people of the difference between peaceful activity and unlawful activity.

  3. bob February 15, 2022

    Why do they call them the freedom convoy? They are only interested in what they want, not people in general. Not very freedom-minded at all.

  4. Canadian February 15, 2022

    The privileged son of a Prime Minister Prime Minister simply needed to get off his high horse and talk to the peaceful protesters (aka his constituents) and their protest would have ended weeks ago. Ego and emotion ahead of thoughtfulness, unfortunately a common issue these days.

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