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Repair of levee breach south of Slater Road completed

Repairs being made to the Marine Drive Levee by US Army Corps of Engineers (January 8, 2023). Photo courtesy of USACE.

FERNDALE, Wash. — US Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District, (USACE) officials reported yesterday, Monday, January 9th, repairs to the Marine Drive levee had been completed.

Repairs on a 200-foot breached section of the levee began December 31st.

According to a December 30, 2022, press release from USACE, “Officials suspect the breach was caused by a combination of the heavy rain, snow melt, king tides and ice jams that led to the river overtopping the levee.”

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Completing the levee repairs coincides with National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s king tide forecast that have downgraded to a steady state of low risk for flood levels along the Nooksack River.

US Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District

This is the same section of 1 of the many levees USACE repaired last year following the mid-November flooding disaster in 2021.

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