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UPDATED: Pedestrian dies after being struck by plow truck

DEMING, Wash. — First responders were dispatched to Valley Highway (SR9) near the Nooksack River bridge about 6:10pm today, January 4th, due to a report of a pedestrian versus plow truck collision.

This incident was 1 of several crashes first responders were dispatched to during a snow event this evening.

About 7:15pm, Washington State Patrol Trooper Jacob Kennett said Valley Highway was fully blocked due to a “plow truck vs. pedestrian fatality collision.” Troopers were on scene investigating. Motorists were advised to avoid the area since there was no detour.

This would be the second pedestrian fatality today. Another occurred on the Guide Meridian.

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Approximate location of the incident

Officials with Whatcom County Public Works (WCPW) said on the following morning, January 5th, that a WCPW plow truck was involved, and the driver immediately stopped and provided aid to the victim.

The Washington State Patrol also issued a press memo the following morning detailing the incident. It said the pedestrian had been walking northbound on a small eastside shoulder of Valley Highway while wearing dark clothing and with his back to oncoming traffic. The WCPW plow truck was also northbound when it struck the pedestrian.

The pedestrian, identified as a 47-year-old Deming man, was declared deceased at the scene.

As of January 5th, WSP continued to investigate the cause of the collision. Neither drugs nor alcohol were considered to be factors.


  1. Mary karrer January 4, 2022

    This is so sad.. prayers to my family.

    • Jeff January 4, 2022

      Sorry Mary!

  2. Roger January 5, 2022

    We passed the plow, going in the opposite direction, at Van Zandt railroad tracks, and conditions were such that we were only going 25 mph. We did not see anyone walking, probably due to darkness and the snow.

  3. Dennis January 5, 2022

    Another unfortunate loss. Walking with ones back to traffic is actually illegal in WA. Seems we have numerous fatalities here every year because of this illegal and logically unsafe practice. I refer to it as attempted suicide. As with DUI this should be something that drivers are encouraged to report to law enforcement for education/ticketing if there is a LEO in the area. I’ve seen moms pushing a baby carriage with backs to traffic and no shoulder! “If it saves just one life”.

  4. Ana Hume January 7, 2022

    I don’t want to minimize the devastating loss of life. I am sorry for the deceased and his/her family, but it also occurs to me how tragic for the driver and his/her loved ones. Working in terrible conditions, doing a dangerous job under pressure to get roads cleared as quickly as possible to keep accidents and injury down to a minimum, is difficult enough. Considering the driver would often be working around cars and trucks with little traction, trying to avoid causing harm, it makes sense to me how easily this situation could come about. Constantly changing weather conditions and the uncertainity of ones own traction while drivingin snow, brings to mind the precarious position everyone is in. I imagine this would be a tremendously stressful and exhausting circumstance . I have personally been in situations driving at night when I have not seen someone in the dark who are wearing dark clothes. When I am walking at night along a street, I often don’t think how hard it is for drivers to see me or other people or animals that are walking maybe too close to the road.t It was a mercy I didn’t hit someone. A near miss, though, helps me to understand what I would imagine the driver must have felt. I feel so sorry for all concerned My heart and my prayers go out to all involved in this very sad and tragic situation.

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