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Having packages delivered to safe locations can make for a happier holiday season

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The holiday season is typically a busy one for delivery companies and much more so this year with shoppers’ fears along with restrictions on shopping in-person in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One Stop Mail Stop Owner Dennis Ball, Jr. advises not to wait to take advantage of his shipping services. “The earlier the better. With the late Thanksgiving, people may not realize they now only have 3 weeks.”

The Ferndale Police Department took the opportunity after stolen mail was recently recovered alongside a road to point out, “during the holidays, there is often an increase in mail theft. With the increased use of online ordering due to the pandemic, it is especially common this year.  We encourage everyone to be diligent and check their mail daily.  This will reduce the likelihood of residents being victimized.”

Below are some local options for keeping vulnerable packages off porches and out of doorways and lobbies where they can easily be stolen.

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Amazon has established the Ferndale Rite Aid, 5655 3rd Avenue, as an Amazon Pickup Location, enabling their customers to have their packages sent there to be picked up.

UPS has designated Benson’s Market, 2254 Douglas Road, as a UPS Access Point location, enabling their customers to have their packages sent there to be picked up.

FedEx enables customers to request to hold delivery so they can pick up packages at a FedEx location such as One Stop Mail Stop, 1730 LaBounty Drive, Suite 9.

PO boxes can be purchased from USPS. But carriers like UPS, DHL, and FedEx sometimes will not deliver to PO boxes.

PO boxes with a street address, which carriers are more likely to deliver to, can be purchased from One Stop Mail Stop. In addition, deliveries can be sent there to be picked up later for a nominal charge. To take advantage of this service, customers are asked to call or stop by and let staff know to expect the package(s) and to receive instructions. Pricing for this service runs between $3 and $20. Packages are held for up to 30 days and are limited to the size of a pallet.

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