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Water over roadways hindering motorists due to snow melt and coastal flooding

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — While temperatures across much of Whatcom County have risen above freezing for the first time in days, the resulting slush and standing water from the snow and ice melting is creating new challenges for motorists.

Compact snow and ice have hampered motorists’ abilities to safely get around Whatcom County for the past 3 or more days and advisories to only drive if unavoidable have been given. So, for many, the overnight warming brought the first opportunity to drive in as many days.

Water seen covering the lanes of the Guide Meridian (SR539) at Kelly Road. Video tweeted by WSDOT North (@wsdot_north) on January 7, 2022.

Standing water has been reported in low spots on several roads across the county. Motorists are advised to be alert for standing water and to drive slowly to avoid losing control due to hydroplaning.

Coastal flooding began occurring after winds shifted from easterly to westerly after 7am this morning. Those winds combined with a 10.5-foot high tide at about 9:30am has resulted in water over roads and onto property in low-lying coastal areas such as the spit at Sandy Point. As a result, a coastal flooding warning is in effect until 2pm for Whatcom County.

How to regain control after your vehicle hydroplanes. Washington State Patrol video
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