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Update: Windstorm no longer a threat to north Puget Sound areas

Air pressure gradients map animation for the morning of January 6, 2019. Source: National Weather Service via twitter

Forecasters at the National Weather Service Seattle office canceled a Wind Advisory after 6am this morning, January 6th. It had been scheduled to be in effect from 10pm last night and until 10am today due to concerns of a windstorm packing winds with gusts to 50mph.

The expected windstorm had hit southern Puget Sound areas with strong winds but the wind strength began decreasing as it continued north.

In the graphic above, stronger winds occurred where the pressure gradient bands were closest together. As the low pressure area moved north, the bands moved further apart indicating lesser air pressure change over time. As a result, the winds were less powerful than they had been in the south Puget Sound region where the air pressure differences had been much greater.

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