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Two Ferndale businesses release tasty new products

Visitors watch owners Jeff and Lindsay Slevins go through the cheese making process from the windows in the Twin Sisters Creamery retail shop (January 24, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Twin Sisters Creamery, known for their popular Whatcom Blue cheese, is about to roll out Whatcom White cheese in February. According to Twin Sisters Creamery Co-Owner and Cheesemaker Lindsay Slevin, “Whatcom White is a mild table cheese with whole peppercorns added.” It will also be available at Haggen stores alongside their Whatcom Blue according to Slevin.

Both Whatcom Blue and Whatcom White are made using whole Jersey cow’s milk from Twin Brook Creamery and aged a minimum of 60 days.

Last year, Twin Sisters Creamery was awarded a People’s Choice award at the Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival in Seattle for their Whatcom Blue.

Twin Sisters Creamery retail store and cheese making facility is located at 6202 Portal Way.

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beef Meaty Pie from Checkered Apron 2017-01
A beef Meaty Pie from Checkered Apron (January 20, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Checkered Apron, known for its delicious pastries and pies, has recently begun selling take-n-bake pot pies called Meaty Pies. The current selection includes beef, herb chicken and steak and mushroom. Co-Owner Barb O’Brine says a vegetarian version is in the works after getting several requests.

Meaty Pies are sold frozen and can be taken home to be stored in the freezer or popped straight into the oven.

Checkered Apron is located at 5679 3rd Avenue.

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