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‘Slow Down and Move Over’ emphasis patrols scheduled

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — The Washington State Patrol (WSP) has been conducting a 2-month statewide “Move Over, Slow Down” campaign. The emphasis patrols are expected in Whatcom County between from Sunday, March 26th through Saturday, Aril 1st, in addition to Island, San Juan, Skagit and Snohomish Counties. The purpose is to help troopers, roadway workers, emergency responders and citizens stay safe and bring awareness to the “Move Over Law

Per state law, motorists approaching an emergency zone or a work zone are required to move over one lane, if possible, or slow down by at least 10 miles per hour (mph) below the posted speed limit. An emergency or work zone includes the 200 feet of roadway prior to and after the incident or area of work.

Emergency or work zone vehicles include the following.

  • authorized emergency vehicles using audible or visual signs
  • tow trucks making use of visual red lights
  • vehicles providing roadside assistance using warning lights such as WSDOT Incident Response Trucks
  • police vehicles displaying a flashing, blinking, or alternating emergency light
  • stationary or slow moving highway construction or maintenance vehicles, solid waste vehicle, or utility service vehicle making use or flashing or warning lights

An emergency or work zone is the adjacent lanes of the roadway and includes two hundred feet before and after the emergency or work zone vehicle. If there are two lanes going in the same direction, drivers are to move completely into the left lane.

The penalty is $219 and cannot be waived or reduced.

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