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School Technology Funding Survey

ferndale school district logoThe FSD has posted a survey on their website asking community where their priorities are regarding technology and its use in the classroom and curriculums. Note the survey may not be available after December 2, 2014 when they begin tabulating the responses.

During the past 6 years, funding of the Ferndale School District’s acquisition and maintenance of some of its technology has come a $4.2 million levy passed in 2008.

According to the District’s website, it is a six-year levy that adds $700,000 per year to the District’s budget between 2009 and 2014 to fund:

    • Replace instructional computers on a regular replacement cycle (60% of the district’s instructional computers are not at state standard [as of 2008])
    • Upgrade classroom technology such as audio visual equipment
    • Integrate technology into the curriculum by providing training to staff
    • Upgrade the district network infrastructure
    • Upgrade the district-wide telephone and voicemail system
    • Establish a technology replacement fund to cover the costs of printers, copiers, audio visual projectors


Click for more information

Click for more information

Since this levy ends this year, it is time to make decisions about whether and/or how much to ask the community to fund the school district’s acquisition and maintenance of additional and current technology beyond that provided by State technology funding. The survey is a step in guiding those decisions.


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