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Sandy Point residents wake to floodwater blocked roads, potential of another flooding event today

Aerial view of coastal flooding across the Sandy Point spit looking south down Sucia Drive (December 27, 2022). Photo courtesy of Ralph Peterson

SANDY POINT, Wash. — Residents on Sandy Point faced property damage along with blocked roads preventing them from reaching or leaving their homes yesterday, Tuesday, December 27th, due to coastal flooding pushed by a 12.3-foot King Tide.

Sandy Point spit

Many have reported waking today to find very little difference this morning while having been warned another similar event is possible during today’s high tide about 10am.

Some residents reported having to spend the night with friends or family overnight due to flooded roads preventing them from getting home. Others woke with the hope of being able to leave the homes but found they continue to be stuck behind flooded roads.

Many took to social media to ask why the floodwaters had not receded. There was no shortage of speculation, ranging from needing to dredge the mouth of the channel to increased development on the spit.

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Sandy Point was 1 of many Whatcom County coastal areas impacted by the high tide yesterday. Birch Bay saw substantial flooding when Terrell Creek was pushed beyond flood level. Gooseberry Point also saw flooding that flood a convenience store parking lot and fuel pump islands and left the lanes at the Lummi Island ferry terminal covered with water. N Red River Road was also blocked by high water and large pieces of debris.

A coastal flood advisory has been issued for low-lying Whatcom County coastal areas from 8am to 1pm tomorrow due to the 10am high tide (10.1 foot at Cherry Point) being pushed by expected westerly winds. More coastal flooding can be expected.

The American Red Cross has established a temporary shelter for those displaced as a result of the impacts of the weather at the Cordata Presbyterian Church, 400 Meadowbrook Court, in Bellingham. Additional information is available by calling 800-733-2767.

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