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About receiving new story notifications

As of Sunday, April 9, 2017, Whatcom News readers can receive notifications about new stories on Whatcom News via their smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. When enabled, your device will display a notification message whenever a new story has been published. This is different than Whatcom News email updates which are sent out once a day. But just like the email updates, readers can opt-out of these notifications at any time.

Whatcom News notifications can be enabled for a specific device. If you enable notifications on your smartphone, you will not see them on your computer until you enable them there as well.

To enable notifications, click the red “bell” icon at the bottom-right of your screen (not the graphic above). This icon will not be displayed after you have already enabled notifications or if you are using a browser that does not support notifications.

Browsers and devices supported (as of January 2018):

  • Chrome 42+ (Desktop & Android) is supported
    • Facebook’s in-app browser is not supported
      FIX: change the Facebook app’s setting so it will open links in an external browser.
  • Safari 7.1+ (Mac OS X desktop only) is supported
    • iOS (aka iPhone) does not currently support web push notifications
      FIX: set up an IFTTT applet that will send an email or SMS message to you whenever there is a new story posted to the RSS Feed “”
  • Firefox 44+ Desktop & Firefox 48+ Android are supported
  • Microsoft Edge is supported but Internet Explorer is not.

Clicking the widget symbol () in any notification messages allows changing your settings.

  • Can I get notified about only certain news stories (eg business stories)?
    That’s a great idea which will hopefully be implemented in the future. But, for now, it is not an option. We do limit notifications to stories that impact a large number of the community and are hesitant to send out notifications between 10pm and 6am.
  • Why doesn’t Whatcom News have an app that will do this?
    The short answer is apps are expensive, time-consuming to support and often suck up valuable memory on your phone or tablet. These costs occur even though the only real benefit with an app, beyond what is already available via your browser, is the notification ability. So this is a painless way for everyone to enjoy the benefits of an app without the added costs.

Please contact Whatcom News if you have any questions regarding device notifications, emails or anything else on Your feedback and input are always welcome.

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