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Opinion: Supports Republican candidates for state offices

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When is enough, enough? The Democrats in the State Legislature wrote and passed a budget that increased spending by $8 billion dollars, a 17% increase! This is far above the cost of living and rate of population growth in the state of Washington. Does your household budget go up by 17% a year?

After 40 years of Democrat single-party rule, Washington state has long since abandoned any semblance of governmental checks and balances. Governor Inslee and the Democrats have never seen a tax increase they will not embrace. We cannot afford to send anymore Democrats to Olympia because they show such indifference to the budgets of ordinary taxpayers. We can’t afford any more tax increases! Vote Culp for governor and Luanne Van Werven and Jennifer Sefzik for the state house of representatives.

Joan Dow
Whatcom County

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