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Opinion: Supports replacement School Levy

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Hello, my name is Hope Jose-Day and I am the ASB President of Ferndale High School. I write to you today on behalf of the student body about an urgent matter in our home of Ferndale, WA right now and come to you in hopes of your help. As you may or may not be aware, the Ferndale School District is running a replacement school-funding levy on the ballot in November. This levy is a two-year replacement levy running at 1.5 – a rate lower than the previous 2.17 levy – and will provide the funds for the district’s educational and extracurricular programs. These programs include sports, cultural outreach classes and clubs, English-language-learning classes, and advanced placement and honors classes, – just to name a few. The levy also funds many of the beloved teachers, para-educators, and administrators who work so hard for the well-being and education of our students. The need for these programs and people within the Ferndale district is essential, especially during the harsh times of Covid-19. Support is the most important thing that we can give to each other as a community during times of uncertainty, and what the students need now is just that. For example, the transition to remote learning would not be able to be so supported nor extensive without the money this levy will provide. Students need the laptops that are funded from the levy during times of remote learning, and the absence of such technology would simply be leaving many students in the dark, confused, frightened, and unsupported. But the crisis does not end here.

Another thing I believe that is important to note is that the failure of this levy would be a detrimental loss to not only the Ferndale School District, but of the community. These programs, educators and students working together to make up a network that is the foundation for growth within the community. It is thanks to such colorful programs and educators like those funded by the levy that Ferndale can take pride in preparing successful students off to hopeful post-high school adventures. Without providing such recourses, a downward spiraling affect will result because the center of emotional and intellectual creation of Ferndale simply dissipating. The hundreds of jobs lost and the lack of support for the school district would no longer become a question of school or community, but reflect on the city as a whole.

Obviously, the failure of this levy is a price to great to bare to the small town of Ferndale, who has shown such support and effort towards the school district in the past. My hope is to encourage everyone reading this to take action, whether that be on the ballot or through other means of support. The students need you, and the students speak to you now and ask you to help us during such a difficult time for us all. The students are asking you to vote yes for us now.

Hope Jose-Day

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