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Firefighters dispatched to 2 extinguished fires at Ferndale school

Whatcom News file photo

First responders were dispatched to Vista Middle School in the 6000 block of Vista Drive about 8:30am this morning, April 24th, in response to a pulled fire alarm and report of 2 extinguished fires in different bathrooms. The school was evacuated.

According to Whatcom Fire District 7 Assistant Fire Chief Dean Crosswhite they arrived to discover the remnants of 2 attempts by someone to create fires using paper in the bathrooms. They burned for a while, creating smoke, and then burned out without spreading, Crosswhite said in a phone interview.

The fires were discovered by staff and Crosswhite commended the response by the teacher and janitorial staff in dealing with them. No injuries were reported.

As of 9:30am, Ferndale Police remained at the school to investigate the incident according to Crosswhite.

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  1. Ryan Walter April 25, 2019

    Catch those responsible and send them a big fat bill.

    Why should the taxpayer be responsible for the trouble caused by firebugs and other criminals?

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