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Neighbor forums are here

Would you like to be able to give a quick shout out to your neighbors to let them know your dog is loose, you found their dog, you need a referral for a handyman or want to share a recent special at a Ferndale business? Now you can!

Simply head over to the Neighbor Chat section of Discover Ferndale and post a new topic. While you are there you can quickly scan other new topics to see how you can help other neighbors out or make new discoveries.

You will notice there are different forums to make it easier to find what you’re looking for or ask for help in the right place. Have an idea for another forum? Let us know and it is likely to get set up (e.g. downtown merchants, Cascadia parents, political discussions, etc.).

To get started, you will need a user account. You only need to sign up once and that can be your account here forever.

Click for more information

Click for more information

So sign up, sign in and post your first topic or reply to one that’s already started. Don’t worry, you won’t break it.

Share this article with your friends and neighbors. The more participation, the greater the value to everyone. As people have been growing tired of some social media venues, this can be a welcome alternative for keeping in touch with neighbors and making new friends.

If you have trouble keeping a civil tongue, these forums are not for you.

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