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Manage your Whatcom News email subscription

Whatcom News is built using the WordPress content management system. WordPress is what over 25% of all websites are built on including BBC America, TechCrunch and Vogue. WordPress also provides a powerful and flexible email subscription capability that puts you, the reader, in charge. You’re in charge of how frequently you want to be notified about new stories and when you want to be notified, right down to which day of the week and at what time.

Step 1:

Subscribe to begin receiving emails. If you haven’t already, enter your email below. You will want to do this if you have been instructed to move from another email delivery service whose use has been discontinued by Whatcom News.

You will receive an email similar to the following.

Click “Confirm Follow” in the email you receive. Another email similar to the following will then be sent in response.

Step 2:

Click “Subscription Dashboard” at the bottom of the confirmation email to choose or change the delivery frequency to what you want. That will launch a page similar to the following.

Choosing between the Delivery Frequency options

Step 3:

Click the “Settings” tab on the same page to choose the day & time if you opted for daily or weekly frequency.

Change Your Mind?

Anytime you want to change between IMMEDIATE, DAILY or WEEKLY delivery or the day/time of delivery, simply click on the “Manage Subscriptions” link found at the bottom of any of the emails.

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