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Letter to the Editor: Supports Hawkinson for city council

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Since my earlier run for Ferndale city council this year, people ask me all the time who I recommend in the upcoming election. My standard answer is to ask them what type of local government that they would like to see since all of the people running for council are good people, however there is one person running for city council who represents all the people of Ferndale whether they be left, right, or center.

Let me tell you about Ali Hawkinson – she is outspoken and uses her voice to speak for everybody in the community. She knows many of our hopes, dreams, concerns and fears because she has been hitting the ground hard and has not only talked to a large number of the people of Ferndale but has also listened hard to what people have told her. Ali never stops fighting for what she believes in and keeps asking questions until she gets the answers that she needs to solve the problems at hand.

The city council works best with a good mix of people. Nobody on the current council or anyone running for the council this year brings the listening skills or personality that Ali that can bring to the table. No one else can represent all the people of Ferndale in the way that Ali Hawkinson can and that is why I am voting for Ali. I fully endorse Ali Hawkinson for all political viewpoints.

Todd McKernan

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