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Letter to the Editor: School Bond – Kids are paying the price for bond failures

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It’s time for Ferndale residents to move past old grudges and approve a school bond that will provide our youth the facilities needed for a 21st century education. It’s easy to find fault in every School Bond request and it’s easy to complain about it costing too much money but who pays the price when the school facilities begin to fall apart? Our kids.

I grew up in Ferndale and can talk nostalgia about “Old Main” with the best of them but that was 30 years ago and the FHS buildings have 30 years of wear on tear on them since I graduated that can’t be fixed with a coat of paint. It costs money to build a state-of-the-art facility that our kids deserve.

For those of you that want to argue that it’s the teachers not the facilities that make the schools great I have a counter-argument. The best teachers want to work at the best facilities. How does our school district attract the best teachers if the facilities are falling apart?

In a world, and in a political climate, where we can’t get a 60% super majority required by bond initiatives to agree that the sky is blue, I am writing this to try and convince the reasonable people of Ferndale that the sky is still indeed blue and our children are still indeed our future.

Derek Schauer
Ferndale – FHS class of 1989

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