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Letter to the Editor: Question for mayoral candidates

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Open Letter to Ferndale mayoral candidates:

Last fall the Seattle Times ran an editorial which led off with the following,

“Proponents of Initiative 1634 say it is to prevent taxes on essential food items, but this is misleading. Voters should reject this measure, which is really an industry-funded campaign to prevent cities from enacting taxes on soda.”

In hindsight we know that I-1634 did pass, effectively preventing cities like Ferndale from enacting taxes on sodas and other sugary drinks. But now we also know that in 2014 Berkeley California enacted just such a tax on sodas/sugary drinks and they have seen significant decreases in the consumption of those drinks as well as an increase in consumption of water.

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As a candidate for mayor,

  • Do you agree or disagree with the editorial statement by the Seattle Times?
  • How did you personally vote on I-1634 and why?
  • Would you support a soda and sugary drink tax in Ferndale if it were a legal option?

Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully address this issue.

Garin Wallace

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