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First Asian giant hornet nest located – eradication planned

An Asian giant hornet is seen leaving the first nest ever located in the US. (October 22, 2020). Still from a WSDA video

Officials with the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) announced today, October 23rd, they have located an Asian giant hornet (AGH) nest in east Blaine. This is the first AGH nest found in the US.

This is the first ever AGH nest located in the US since searching began after a dead specimen was recovered in Blaine in December 2019. A colony was also located in Nanaimo, BC in September of last year.

Most recently, they captured live specimens in the same area and then attempted to track them via attached electronic tracking devices in the hope of finding a nest. Initial attempts were not completely successful.

On October 21st and 22nd, 4 more live AGHs were captured. Three were then release and tracked by way of attached electronic devices. 1 led WSDA entomologists to a nest yesterday afternoon.

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The nest is inside the cavity of a tree located on private property near an area cleared for a residential home. While Asian giant hornets normally nest in the ground, they are occasionally found nesting in dead trees. Dozens of the hornets were seen entering and exiting the tree while the WSDA team was present.

Washington State Department of Agriculture announcement – October 23, 2020

WSDA officials said plans to eradicate the nest have been delayed until tomorrow due to today’s “inclement weather.”

WSDA video via YouTube

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