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BP announces 3 Cherry Point Refinery projects creating over 265 jobs

bp's Cherry Point Refinery. Photo courtesy of bp PLC

BLAINE, Wash. — Officials with the BP Cherry Point Refinery announced October 4th, plans for a $269 million investment in 3 projects geared toward improving the refinery’s efficiency, reducing its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and increasing its renewable diesel production capability.

According to today’s announcement, the projects are expected to create more than 300 local jobs over the next 3 years, including over 200 construction jobs, 25 engineering jobs and 40 support roles.

The 3 projects are described as follows.

Hydrocracker Improvement Project

The $169 million Hydrocracker Improvement Project (HIP) will improve efficiency and reduce periods of planned maintenance, resulting in fewer unit shutdowns and associated flaring events.

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Work on the hydrocracker will begin later this year and is expected to finish in 2023.

Cooling Water Infrastructure Project

The $55 million Cooling Water Infrastructure Project (CWI) will enhance cooling water infrastructure, allowing for increased utilization, better energy efficiency, and a related reduction in CO2 emissions.

Work on the cooling water infrastructure will begin later this year and is expected to be completed in 2023.

Renewable Diesel Optimization

The Renewable Diesel Optimization (RDO) project is a $45 million dollar investment that will more than double the refinery’s renewable diesel production capability to an estimated 2.6 million barrels a year.

The additional renewable diesel production is expected to be available in 2022.

BP America Chairman and President David Lawler is quoted in the announcement, “BP’s new investment in Cherry Point builds on a half century of innovation in Washington state. It will position us to provide lower carbon energy while creating jobs and reducing emissions in our operations.”

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