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Bellingham-based financial institution purchases, relocates staff into Bellwether Way buildings

21 Bellwether Way (October 24, 2019). Photo: Whatcom County Assessor's Office database

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — Bellingham-based Whatcom Educational Credit Union recently purchased and located several staff into 3 buildings on Bellwether Way.

WECU Spokesperson Keith Mader told Whatcom News via email that WECU established its permanent headquarters in Bellingham with the purchase of 21 Bellwether Way, along with 2 adjacent buildings. According to the Whatcom County Assessor’s database, in January 21 Bellwether Way was purchased for $30 million, 19 Bellwether Way for $4.5 million and 23 Bellwether Way for $3 million.

Location of buildings on Bellwether Way in Bellingham

WECU occupies space on the first, second and third floors of 21 Bellwether Way. Administrative teams including information technologies, document management, accounting and marketing now work in this building.

WECU’s Contact Center and E-Services teams moved from a building located next to Value Village this during July 2022 and that building is currently for sale according to Mader.

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WECU remains committed to supporting the local communities we serve. We are excited to be able to secure an administration office within Bellingham that provides a desirable work environment for our team members, enhances our collaboration and efficiencies by bringing numerous teams together in one location, allows room for future growth, and gives us substantial cost savings with the option to divest of excess property no longer needed. WECU President and Chief Executive Officer Jennifer Kutcher (April 14, 2023)

Mader added that in 2018, WECU had relocated many back-office teams to 21 Bellwether Way after taking over a lease from CH2M Hill, who had left Bellingham in 2015.

The establishment of a permanent headquarters location was a part of the credit union’s strategic roadmap going back several years. Many options were explored, including the possibility of building a new headquarters, but the purchase of 21 Bellwether Way and adjacent buildings provided everything the WECU was looking for. WECU Program Manager, Public Relations & Content Keith Mader (April 14, 2023)

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