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UPDATED: Whatcom Sheriff’s personnel on scene of a shots fired with injuries incident in Maple Falls

Last updated February 10, 2022, at 9pm

MAPLE FALLS, Wash. — Law enforcement with the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) reported they had been fired upon in the 3000 block of Green Valley Drive in Maple Falls about 4:45pm today, Thursday, February 10th according to unconfirmed emergency radio transmissions.

Deputies had responded to a report of neighbors in the area shooting at each other about 4:15pm.

Approximate location of the shooting incident

According the WCSO at 6:20pm, “Deputies arrived on scene and attempted to dialogue on the street with a man who had a shotgun. During this contact, both deputies on scene were shot.”

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A video that appears to have been recorded from a residence across the street and is making the rounds on social media shows a partially obscured figure standing on a front door landing and deputies with long guns in front of a closed garage next door. Yelling followed by several rounds of gunfire is heard and 1 of the deputies can be seen dropping down and taking a defensive position.

It was later reported 2 WCSO deputies were injured but able to walk and would be transported to PeaceHealth St Joseph Medical Center by ambulance.

Radio transmissions from the scene indicated they had taken 1 person into custody about 6pm and it was unknown whether the house they came from was still occupied.

A WCSO press release emailed at 9pm said that “as of this evening, both injured deputies are [in the hospital and] conscious, alert and in stable condition” It added that this is still an active investigation and is being led by a law enforcement mutual aid response team (LEMART). Any additional information about the investigation should be directed to the Bellingham Police Department. More details can be expected tomorrow.


  1. Carolyn Esparza February 10, 2022

    I have counted 36 cop cars and two swat trucks!

  2. Deonna Tucker February 10, 2022

    The guy laughing and whooping after he shot the officer is horrifying, a dispute between neighbors that started over a fire could’ve ended with lives being lost, luckily none were but one man’s life will now be spent behind bars and his family is on their own. Petty argument that could’ve been easily solved until testerone got in the way. I truly hope and pray that people can get control of their emotions and deal with their issues in a civilized manner, otherwise I’m afraid this kind of event is going to become a daily thing no matter where you are. God help us all.

  3. Cheri King February 10, 2022

    How right you are. Now if our representatives in Olympia would just wake up and untie our law enforcements hands and allow them to do the job we hired them to do maybe some of this insanity would stop.

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