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Whatcom deputy set spikes strips ahead of passed out driver and good thing too

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) issued a statement regarding an arrest made on May 18th following a spike strip deployment.

According to the statement, WCSO deputies were dispatched May 18th about 1:45am due to a report of a vehicle stopped in in the 800 block of Kelly Road. While a deputy was enroute, a second call came in reporting the same vehicle had driven into the oncoming lane in the 1100 block of Kelly Road and was stopped in the middle of the road in the 4800 block of Huntley Road.

The deputy arrived to find the suspect vehicle stopped such that it was taking up both lanes of travel and its engine was running. The driver appeared passed out with their head bent forward, eyes closed and breathing heavily. The vehicle was still in drive with the driver’s foot on the brake.

The deputy could see a bag of suspected narcotics and a shotgun in the front passenger seat.

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While waiting for other WCSO deputies to arrive, the deputy placed spike strips in front of the vehicle. After a few minutes, the driver woke up and drove off, running over the spike strips.

After deputies attempted to pull over the vehicle for approximately 4 and a half miles while 3 of vehicle’s tires were deflated from the spike strips, the driver was taken into custody.

The driver was identified as Daniel Szczygielski, age 37, of Bellingham.

Szczygielski admitted to using narcotics and having methamphetamine in the vehicle. He also acknowledged he had been passed out in the vehicle but claimed it was due to fatigue.

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A search of the vehicle located a shotgun, 140 suspected Fentanyl pills, 3.7 grams of methamphetamine, 30 Suboxone pills, various drug paraphernalia and approximately $435 cash.

Szczygielski is a convicted felon making it illegal for him to possess or purchase a firearm.

Szczygielski was arrested and booked into Whatcom County Jail charged with the following crimes.

  • attempting to elude a police vehicle
  • driving under the influence
  • possession of narcotic drug with intent to deliver

Szczygielski was also arrested under several outstanding warrants issued by the Sumas Municipal Court and the Lynden Municipal Court.


  1. Timothy P Bly May 20, 2022

    Stop letting people like that back on the streets. No brainer

  2. Cathy May 21, 2022

    Exactly!! Most of these crimes are being committed by repeat offenders.This county has many law enforcement branches and alot of people who move here and bring their stinking thinking with them will face the wrath of it.They best Keep their gangs and drug operations out.You will be found.For those who have grown up here and promote it,think about the dead end road your on.Jail or death.Your choice.

  3. Lance Weaklegs May 21, 2022

    The state legislature passed a police “reform” law that, among other things, made it illegal to pursue people for almost all non-violent crimes. So now that the word’s on the street, everyone knows that if you just drive off and/or refuse to stop, the police can’t chase you. Problem is, when these people drive off, they have to go fast enough so that the police, who can’t chase them, don’t follow them. So instead of the occasional police chase, we now have a much higher number of people fleeing, driving fast and reckless, so the police can’t follow them. These same people are fleeing as if being chased, because they all know that the police are talking to each other on the radio trying to find them. So they get outta town as fast as possible. What’s safer, the occasional actual police chase, or almost everyone trying to get away from the cops at a high rate if speed, even though they’re not being “chased”.

  4. David Cooley May 22, 2022

    Bet after he sobered up he was written a summons to appear and put back on the street

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