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Whatcom County Health reports a total of 49 COVID-19 cases in Ferndale

COVID-19 case positive data for Whatcom County by school district (May 14, 2020). Source: Whatcom County Health Department

The Whatcom County Health Department has begun reporting confirmed cases of COVID-19 by school district regions within Whatcom County. Prior reporting had been limited to Whatcom County as a whole.

According to the data reported as of May 14th, there has been a per capita rate (per 100,000) of 146 in the Ferndale School District area of case positives based on an actual count of 49 cases.

Areas with lower rates per 100,000 residents or fewer confirmed cases don’t mean that they are safer zones. Where someone lives does not necessarily represent the place where they got COVID-19, or where they traveled while they were infectious, if they traveled at all. 

The limited amount of testing that was available earlier in the outbreak may also mean that the current rates and counts aren’t a good representation of the actual spread of COVID-19 throughout Whatcom County. 

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What the map does show us is that the virus is present everywhere in our county, and we should all take precautions to protect ourselves and prevent spreading it to others, no matter where we live or work.

Whatcom County COVID-19 Data Update (May 17, 2020)

The same data in a table:

School District regionRateCount
Mt Baker13922
Nooksack Valley9010
COVID-19 case positive data for Whatcom County by school district (May 14, 2020). Source: Whatcom County Health Department

The regional reporting will be updated periodically Health officials say, “but not weekly.”

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  1. Richard Graham May 18, 2020

    I am flabbergasted at the number of people who are traveling about…non-essential travel…and visiting common, public areas with no pretext of caution. No masks or covering of any kind, no caution in what they touch …the fruits and veg at Haggens et al get more touches than the balls in a ball pit, no attempt to socially distance despite clear markings on the floor that indicate the minimum 6 feet of distance. Are there a race of immortals in Ferndale and environs? Freddy’s on Bakerview seems to be another “immortal” zone where folks figure Covid-19 dare not enter. Did I say flabbergasted? Yay verily and appalled, and angry. You wannabe dead folks, go find some other places to flaunt reality and bray about your “rights.” I point out that, as always, those rights end at my nose. I choose to protect YOU as well as myself thus I will not come anywhere near YOUR nose. But I beg you, please comply with the SERIOUS recommendations (if not regulations and trust me, those will be coming, with enforcement, if these displays of macho don’t cease) that are for OUR safety.

    • Pat Hafner May 19, 2020

      I don’t wear a mask not to be “macho” as you put it, but because I believe the risks have been drastically inflated and I have this right I cling to deeply, called FREEDOM. Good luck enforcing unconstitutional mask laws. State stay home orders are being struck down as unconstitutional. Enough is enough. You worry about your safety, I’m quite capable of worrying about my own thank you. I don’t need the state to do it for me!

      • Leslie Rogers May 19, 2020

        I agree with you 100%. Look how quickly we hand over our liberty, free will, and right to conduct business. The Covid infection rate is not important. Deaths are important. However, I will not live in fear, and if I get Covid, I will likely only suffer flu symptoms. Happens every year. People with co-morbidities can stay home if they fear infection. That might be smart. Quarantining healthy people makes zero sense. In addition, staying at home makes you gradually lose your immune system. You have a greater chance of getting sick when you finally enter society.

  2. Samantha Sleasman May 19, 2020

    By “worrying about your own safety” your putting everyone else’s at risk. What were going thru now is mild compared to sacrifices made by my grandparents and your grandparents. We also have alot more resources. This is our time to get our country thru a tough time. Complaining about sitting at home, spending more time with our kids, getting pretty good unemployment. The hard times our grand and great grandparents endured can truly be called sacrifice. And they did it for their fellow country men/women and children. Our parents and grandparents carried all of us through hard times. Now it’s our turn to help each other thru this. Years from now, looking back I’ll be able to tell my grandkids (if I have any) with pride that I was thoughtful of others, and did what was right, not selfish complaining cause I can’t get a haircut.

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