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Wandering cows block both southbound I-5 lanes in Custer

WSDOT camera captured the scene as a WSP trooper herds wandering cows in the southbound I-5 lanes to the Grandview Road off-ramp. (May 14, 2023).

CUSTER, Wash. — Washington State Patrol (WSP) received reports about 6:45am today, Sunday, May 14th, that 12 to 14 cows were in the southbound lanes of I-5 north of the Grandview Road interchange.

According to unconfirmed radio transmissions at the time, a WSP trooper arrived to find both lanes were blocked by the cows. Using their patrol vehicles, the trooper and a Ferndale Police officer began herding the cows to the right shoulder toward the Grandview Road interchange.

The cows were eventually guided off the freeway, onto Grandview Road and then northbound on Portal Way until arriving at their field. The nearly 3-mile trek ended about 8am.

The trooper did a check of the field’s fence along the freeway and located what appeared to be a hole in need of fixing.

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