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Total lunar eclipse will be fully visible tomorrow morning from Whatcom County, weather permitting

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — Parts of the western US, Whatcom County included, along with Australia, western South America and South-East Asia will be able to see the Super Flower Full Moon totally eclipsed and turn a shade of red for about 14 minutes tomorrow morning, Wednesday, May 26th. Of course, this is all weather permitting.

The eclipse takes place just a few hours after the Moon reaches perigee, the closest point to Earth on its orbit, making it a Super Flower Blood Moon.

The weather forecast for much of Whatcom County as of 4pm May 25th calls for increasing clouds between 1am and 6am, during the eclipse phases.

EventTime Visible
Penumbral Eclipse begins1:47amYes
Partial Eclipse begins2:45amYes
Full Eclipse begins4:11amYes
Maximum Eclipse4:18amYes
Full Eclipse ends4:26amYes
Partial Eclipse ends5:52amNo, the moon will be below the horizon
Penumbral Eclipse ends6:50am No, the moon will be below the horizon
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More details including interactive lunar eclipse maps are available at

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