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Superfeet facilities retool to produce PAPR hoods during COVID-19 crisis

PAPR hoods manufactured by Superfeet (April 2020). Photo courtesy Superfeet

FERNDALE, Wash. — In March, officials with Ferndale manufacturer Superfeet put out a call for ways to make use of their manufacturing facilities, including 3D printing equipment, to shore up short-term medical supply demand as a result of the COVID-19 crisis according to company officials.

This week, officials at Superfeet issued a press release reporting they have been able to produce and deliver 42,000 powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) hoods at cost. According to the press release, “the Superfeet team took a single-use product and upgraded it to be reusable, sanitizable and multi-system compatible.”

The PAPR hoods come equipped with Superfeet PAPR adaptors which allow the hoods to be used with all major PAPR systems found in hospitals across the country according to the press release.

Company officials said the initial production of PAPR hoods were made for local hospitals and healthcare workers including PeaceHealth St Joseph Medical Center. The company has received and is now fulfilling requests from across the country. 

PAPR hoods have been in high demand and critically-low supply say company officials. “We have successfully met the initial demand for PAPR Hoods in our local community and have been able to manufacturer a steady supply to maintain based on their current needs. We are now able to open our capacity to begin addressing other shortages nationwide.”

Effective immediately, according to the press release, the company is opening an additional 30,000-unit capacity for May to help meet continued nationwide demand for PAPR hoods.

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