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See how the new utility rates may effect your household budget

City of Ferndale water, sewer and storm drain utility billing (August 2018). My Ferndale News file photo

The rate structure for water, sewer and storm water billing for the next 3 years was approved during the last Ferndale City Council meeting. While the numbers are all readily available, trying to determine how these changes will impact your future utility billings is not.

My Ferndale News has provided the billing estimator below which is based on the information contained in the recently approved ordinances. Readers are welcome to enter water usage volumes and an estimate of their “winter average” into the yellow cells to see a customized estimation of what future bimonthly billings might look like based on the values entered. If unsure about what your winter average might be, use the same value in both cells.

Values entered should be units (not gallons) as indicated on current and past city billings.

The first column, labeled “2019,” reflects rates applied to the most recent billing from the City. The next 3 columns reflect the results of the new rate structure.

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“Winter average” is a new term that is part of the sewer charge calculation under the new rate structure. According to the City:

Winter-average consumption is the average bimonthly water volume recorded on four normal meter readings during the period of October through May of the preceding year. Winter-average consumption for each residence will be recomputed before the start of each year and that volume will be used to compute the bimonthly sewer volume charge for the residence for the entire calendar year.

A few items to be aware of when considering the results:

  1. Estimates provided apply to single-family and duplex residences. They do not apply to multi-family or commercial properties.
  2. Rates used for 2021 and 2022 do not include expected Consumer Price Index (CPI) increases.
  3. The City’s 9% utility tax is included in the results.
  4. A unit equals 748 gallons which is the equivalent of 100 cubic feet of water.
  5. The estimator’s accuracy is not guaranteed nor is it endorsed by the City of Ferndale.

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