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School District lays out options for making up even more snow days (Survey results)

Sledders gathered behind Skyline Elementary School in Ferndale on one of 11 snow days during the 2016-17 school year (December 12, 2016). Photo: Whatcom News

It was just over a month ago when the Ferndale School District explained their plan for making up 6 snow days accrued in December. Since then, another 5 snow days have been taken and available options are becoming fewer and, for some, more disagreeable.

Today, the School District laid out on their website what has been done and identified options of what may be done in order to meet Washington State requirements for school attendance.

In summary:

* A total of 11 days are needed to be made up.
* The State can grant a waiver of up to 3 days. 2 have already been granted and the District has applied for the 3rd.
* January 30th was converted from a teacher work day (no classes) to a school day which made up 1 day.
* The 5 days of June 19th to the 23rd (3rd week of June) were allocated as make up days if needed and are expected to be used as such.
* Considering all of the above, there remains 2 days to be made up.
* Plans are to maintain the scheduled graduation dates at both high schools but this will require special arrangements for seniors. No specifics were given.

Click for more information

Click for more information

The District said the options for making up these last 2 days include scheduling two more days of classes during one or a combination of the following.

* the last week of June
* Spring Break (April 3rd to 7th)
* two Saturdays

According to the District announcement, “Our next steps will be to meet with union leaders and to solicit input from others who will be impacted by schedule changes.”


If you were in charge, how would you decide to make up the remaining two school days? Select your choice below and click submit. Results will be published later.

2/16/17 7:30am
A tally of 178 readers’ choices of their preferred option (could only choose one) for making up the last two (or more) snow days base in an unofficial survey (excluding repeat entries) is as follows.

Option Votes Percent
2 days during Spring Break 43 24%
Use all of Spring Break 37 21%
2 days during 4th week in June 25 14%
1 day during Spring Break and 1 Saturday 19 11%
2 Saturdays 17 10%
Use all of 4th week in June 17 10%
Use more Saturdays 12 7%
1 day during Spring Break and 1 day during 4th week in June 7 4%
1 Saturday and 1 day during 4th week in June 1 1%
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