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Preliminary design of new high school shared with Ferndale School Board

Preliminary design rendering of the proposed Ferndale High School replacement buildings (May 26, 2020). Source: Dykeman Architects

FERNDALE, Wash. — Dykeman Architects Principal Tim Jewett shared preliminary design drawings and renderings of the proposed new Ferndale High School buildings last night, May 26th, during a regular meeting of the Ferndale School Board.

Preliminary design plan for the ground floors overlaid on the existing campus elements (May 26, 2020). Source: Dykeman Architects

Jewett said the design has been able to achieve many of the project goals but emphasized this is a preliminary design and changes were likely as the project moves forward.

Jewett pointed out many aspects of the design to the school board and district staff. They included:

  • Bus load and unload area with a turnaround located between the CTE and Gym buildings and the stadium area
  • Student drop-off and pick-up area with access via the corner of Shuksan Street and Golden Eagle Drive
  • Student parking would be located in 1 lot with access via Malloy Avenue
  • The current senior parking lot would be used for staff parking
  • Memorial Drive access would be limited to buses and staff vehicles
Preliminary design rendering (May 26, 2020). Source: Dykeman Architects

Jewett also provided the above design rendering. Board members were instructed to disregard color choices since they were simply for reference.

Preliminary design rendering (May 26, 2020). Source: Dykeman Architects


  1. Paul Davis May 28, 2020

    I do not like the vertical text on the school sign. It is just someone’s attempt to be artistic that we will have to live with for many decades. How much does the sign structure cost?

    The bond issue would have failed if this COVID-19 had struck earlier. Now it will have to be paid for by many property owners who are struggling to survive on unemployment benefits – or worse. With Alcoa closing shop, it will be especially difficult. You need a serious cost-saving effort. Or don’t you care since the the bond issue passed and cannot be reversed? I am retired, and the COVID-19 crisis does not affect me, but it does affect a lot of my neighbors who are driven to seek charity to survive. I worry how they will be able to pay their property taxes.

    • Joel Saxman May 28, 2020

      I dont know that the bond would have failed necessarily – it may have simply been postponed to a later ballot like the levy was. The best way to get your concerns passed along to the school board and FSD regarding cost containment, which I do agree with, is to contact Linda Quinn directly as you are unlikely to get a response here on this page. The contact info is available on the FSD website:

    • Helen A Rasmussen May 29, 2020

      We continue to hear about the “New Normal!” With that in mind, why is the board going ahead with the new school plan? I understand that there are going to still be huge cuts when and if the students go back to school! I think this is a good time to wait and maybe take advantage of some of the new technology to teach the kids. Teachers would only need a cubicle to teach from to their online classes. No more need for a giant school!

      • Joel Saxman May 29, 2020

        How long would you suggest waiting? What is the new technology that teachers would take advantage of?

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