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Overturned box truck blocked northbound I-5 lanes

Scene of a rollover crash on northound I-5 past the Custer Rest Area (May 10, 2019). Photo: WSP

Aid and law enforcement were dispatched at 2:30pm today, May 10th, to the northbound lanes of I-5 north of the Custer Rest Area for a report of a rollover crash.

First responders arrived to find a commercial box truck on its side and facing south in the on-ramp lane leading from the rest area near milepost 268.

Traffic was being allowed past in the left lane but by 3pm the back up stretched 2 miles to the Grandview Road interchange.

According to Washington State Patrol Trooper Heather Axtman, a preventable medical condition led to the rollover and the driver was cited for negligent driving. A tow truck had been dispatched to the scene as of 3pm but it was unknown how long it would take to upright the truck and clear the lane.

Update 4:30pm
The right lanes remain blocked as work continues to remove the truck.


  1. Lee Collins May 10, 2019

    We were behind this truck and we called the company and talked to June and advised there may be a medical emergency with their driver. We passed him cautiously about 230.
    The accident must have happened right after.

  2. Ryan Walter May 11, 2019

    Cited for negligent driving? Send her/him an invoice for all police/fire/other resources needed to clean up the mess.

    Why should taxpayers pay for someone else’s negligent driving?

    Instead, make people pay the consequences of their anti-social behavior and CUT TAXES NOW!

    • dave doran May 11, 2019

      They’re called accidents because nobody does them on purpose.

  3. Ryan Walter May 11, 2019

    dave doran (sic),

    Sorry Dave (note the proper capitalization), the article clearly states that the driver was cited for “negligent driving”. Repeat, “negligent driving”.

    According to the Oxford dictionary, “negligent” means:

    “Failing to take proper care over something.”

    That doesn’t sound like an accident to me so I suggest you volunteer to pay for the costs of this person’s negligence. Go for it, man. Think of the virtue signaling bragging rights you’d earn!

    Sorry, not me. I refuse to pay. CUT TAXES NOW!

  4. dave doran May 12, 2019

    Negligence can cause accidents,
    but they’re still accidents.
    Intention is the word you might need to look up.

  5. Ryan Walter May 12, 2019

    Nice try Dave, but your attempt to deflect didn’t work. Negligence is the key word. That’s why the police used it.

    OXFORD: “FAILING to take proper care over something”
    ME: If you FAIL to take proper care of something, don’t expect me to pay for the consequences.
    SOCIALIST: Don’t worry, negligent person, I’ll FORCE the taxpayer to pay for the mess you’ve created.

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