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Opinion: Supports replacement School Levy

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Please vote to approve the Ferndale School Levy which will be on the November 3rd ballot.
This Levy will help ensure that Ferndale schools will have money for student services like, smaller class sizes, Special Ed classes, 8 period high school schedules allowing for more electives, advanced learning, and technology for in school and at home learning which is vital during the pandemic. The Levy will also include funding for teachers, nurses, maintenance personnel and custodians.

The passage of this Levy will also help allow for Ferndale Schools to provide some extracurricular activities such as athletics, art, drama, band, choir, and the wonderful musicals put on by the Ferndale High School’s amazingly talented students and their directors.

Three of our grandchildren have attended Ferndale schools. Their lives have been enriched by the education they have received. If many of these programs are no longer available to students it will be a sad day for the community of Ferndale. We must approve these funds for the educational opportunities they bring to our children. Providing the best education possible is vital to their success in life. It is also important for the community to have schools we can all be proud of. Please pass this levy for our schools, our children, and our community.

Linda Schonborn

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