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Missing bike returned thanks to a sister’s persistence and local business owners’ diligence

It was nearly a month ago when an Eagleridge student left classes at the end of the day only to discover his bike was not where he left it. According to his sister, he was devastated especially when the loss was combined with a painful lesson about always using the cable lock that was missing along with the bike.

The sister, Jordyn Stevens, immediately began a mission to spread the word about her brother’s missing bike. She took to social media sharing pictures and descriptions of the bike wherever she could and also took to the roads and sidewalks on the off-chance it had been tossed behind bushes somewhere. A police report was made and pawn shops and bike shops were advised to be on the look out.

But weeks passed and Stevens was frustrated by a complete absence of any information about her brother’s bike. No one had reported seeing anything that looked like the bike.

That all changed today due to the eagle-eye owners of Lenny’s Bike Shop, where the bike had been purchased. They had just closed up shop and were driving home when they saw 2 boys with a bike that looked like the missing bike. So they turned around and met up with the boys. Erica McWilliams said her husband Loren asked, “Where did you get the bike?” and the response was, “From a friend.”

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Loren told the boys he wanted to check the bike’s serial number but before he could the boys had bolted, leaving the bike behind. A quick check of the serial number confirmed it was the bike Stevens had been working to return to her brother.

The McWilliams say it pays to know the serial number of your bikes. Erica said, “If you purchase a bike from us, we are able to save it in our system. Today we were able to reunite this kid with his stolen bike.”

Stevens posted her reaction to social media, “We cannot thank Erica and Loren at Lenny’s Bike Shop enough for finding the bike.”

found bike 2017-06-02 photo erica mcwilliams
Found bike (June 2, 2017). Photo courtesy of Erica McWilliams

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