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Letter to the Editor: Changed ‘no’ to a ‘yes’ vote on School Bond

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My name is Kristie Edwards. I am a parent of students in the Ferndale School District, a resident of Ferndale, and a supporter of the Ferndale School bond. I want to tell you what changed my 2014 school bond “no” vote to a “yes” in 2019.

I was not a supporter of the 2014 school bond. In fact, I voted “no” in 2014. When I heard that the Ferndale School Board was forming a Bond Task Force back in 2017, I knew that I wanted to be involved. I want to be a YES voter! I voted no on the last bond because I did not see evidence of good planning. I felt that the 2014 bond package did not have in-depth research and did not provide solid answers to the questions of community members. That bothered me and I wanted to personally ensure that this proposal was different.

After participating in innumerable meetings and reviewing every bit of financial and maintenance information I could get my hands on, I am very confident that our community process has resulted in a proposal that is a true reflection of our biggest needs AND a good value for our community.

I am voting “YES” to approve the proposal that will be on the 2019 February Special Election ballot. For me, it’s about our kids and the community. It is important for their future and the stability of our community, to pass a commonsense package that will allow the students to learn and grow in facilities that will prepare them with the skills needed for the future. Please join me in moving forward from my 2014 “no” vote. Support the future of education in Ferndale.

Vote yes on the 2019 Ferndale School bond.

Kristie Edwards

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