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Letter to the Editor: Voters are being ignored

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I am writing to comment on the special bond for a new high school in Ferndale.

The school board is a lot like our legislators in Olympia. The voters voted down cap and trade and an income tax but here in the first week of this session both taxes have been introduced.

The voters in Ferndale have voted this bond down two times and here it is again, rearing its ugly head after only three months ago of being defeated.

As a property owner almost sixty eight percent of my property taxes went to schools last year. And while this is supposed to go down, after some fancy dancing out of Oly we all know that taxes never go down.

I think this bond should have been put off until after we receive our property tax bills for this year, which of course do not come out until the week after the bond vote. Another disingenuous article spun in the Ferndale Record touts how the assessment rate is lower. Well my property assessment has gone up considerably so the money you’ll take from me is the same.

Another reason given for a new high school is that the maintenance workers just can’t get ahead of all the problems. Why is that? Like my home, see a problem fix it. That is their job. Leaky valve – replace it. Bad drywall – patch it.

I think the schools get enough of my money and I will vote no.

Marilyn Rasmussen

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