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Letter to the Editor: Supports Mutchler for mayor

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As a planning commissioner on the Ferndale Planning Commission I have had the chance to watch Mayor Mutchler serve the city of Ferndale. I’ve seen his enthusiasm and dedication to the city and his love for the city and it’s residents.

I believe Mayor Mutchler’s many years of experience in city government to be an asset to us as we continue to move forward and face exciting growth and the challenges that come along with it. His years as a city council member and mayor give him the needed experience and wisdom to govern Ferndale over these next years.

I’ve also seen Mayor Mutchler serve with a servant’s heart and integrity over these last years. He truly wants what is best for the city and us as residents. That’s why I fully support and am casting my ballot for Mayor Mutchler to serve us as our mayor as we head into this exciting chapter of our city.

Greg Crim

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