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Letter to the Editor: Supports Llanos for city council

I would first like to thank all of the local citizens who have stepped forward in an attempt to help our city by volunteering for public office. 

In the council position number 7 contest, both candidates are quality choices. That being said, the reality is that our city will have a majority of new council members in 2020. For that reason, our city needs Ramon Llanos serving us. Ramon has extensive experience using his engineering skills in both public and private projects all over Whatcom County. He naturally thinks of cost savings and time savings. His participation in the very early stages of the Church Road remodel saved you, the taxpayer, valuable dollars. I truly believe he will apply that mindset of saving time and money to help our city in the City Council position. He is a man of high integrity that will always look for ways to help our city, representing you the taxpayer. 

Gary Jensen
Former City Council member and mayor

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