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Letter to the Editor: Supports Hawkinson for city council

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I want to encourage my fellow Ferndale residents to vote for Ali Hawkinson this November in our Council elections. I believe her opponent to be a credible candidate who has run a good race. After much consideration, Ali as my choice.

For many months I’ve observed the various candidates vie for position and post comments as they endeavor to become familiar to the voters. In my 35 years running and advising political campaigns, sometimes as a Party official, sometimes as a campaign official, I’ve seen just about all of it. I can tell you that at the end of the day there are only a couple of ways to run for office—One may savage one’s opponent, i.e., ‘drive his/her negatives,’ or one may attempt to persuade the voters of one’s own qualifications. Ali has done the latter. Her campaign is nearly the exception in that she has refrained from attempts to discredit or disqualify her opponent, and has instead presented to the voters a positive force for governing.

I happen to be ideologically aligned (for the most part) with Ali, still there are issues we view differently. Even at that I want her voice in the mix for she’s comported herself with dignity and sincerity throughout this campaign. She’s paid attention to the facts on the ground and taken the time to understand matters most pressing for all Ferndale residents.

Ali’s commitment to the community is evident in her service on the North County Poverty Task Force and several other civic organizations, as well as her participation in community discussions and deliberations concerning water treatment and delivery, infrastructure problems, i.e., traffic/parking, and especially close to my heart, community outreach to the most vulnerable citizens among us.

Ali has stepped-up to the task of running for Council, and she’s done an admirable job. We have now only to vote for her and add her voice and talents to the City Council.

Glenn Stewart

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