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Letter to the Editor: Supports Hawkinson for city council

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I have lived and worked in the Ferndale area for thirteen years. I have worked for the Ferndale School District and my kids have all attended Ferndale schools. My family and I drive through Ferndale traffic on Ferndale roads to patronize Ferndale businesses. My family and I are part of Ferndale and are affected by Ferndale issues.

I am excited to see so many new faces in Ferndale politics, offering fresh perspectives and new ideas, that Ferndale needs! I am excited that my coworker Ali Hawkinson is running for City Council! Ali exemplifies dedication, perseverance, work ethic, communication and collaboration, loyalty and community every day. These are fibers of her character and are not just words to her. Anyone that knows Ali, knows that she speaks up and speaks out for: community, friends and family. Ali does not sit on the side lines and provide commentary and opinion; she dives in, takes action and makes a difference for the people around her and community she lives in.

I am feeling frustrated and disappointed that although I am part of Ferndale in so many ways, I do not live close enough to vote for candidates that are running for council and mayoral positions. I want to encourage you to vote for Ali Hawkinson for Ferndale City Council Position 2! Ferndale Needs a voice on City Council and I know that voice is Ali Hawkinson.

Heather Christensen

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