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Letter to the Editor: Supports Hawkinson for city council

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It gives me great pleasure to support Ali Hawkinson for position 2 for Ferndale City Council. I have observed her from the day she registered for office. She is a concerned citizen for the direction Ferndale is heading and I think she will have the tenacity to ask endless questions until she understands the reasons. I feel she will not be intimidated by any one person or follow the majority and will seek answers so she knows why she is voicing her vote. Ali is smart and understands her strengths, acknowledges her weaknesses and admits out loud that nobody is perfect.

I do not know her opponent, Paul Bulanov. I have never met him. I was appointed to the city council in June to fill a vacant seat until the election and do not recall him sitting in a council meeting. Ali has attended all of the council meetings except the last one due to illness.

I encourage everyone to support and vote for Ali Hawkinson. Vote before November 5th. Make your vote count!

Carol Bersch
Ferndale City Council member

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