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Letter to the Editor: Supports Hawkinson for city council

I am writing to recommend Ali Hawkinson for Ferndale City Council. Every time I come into Ferndale, I smile at all the yard signs. They are signs of a vibrant democracy and a City having great discussions about its future direction. Ferndale residents have really stepped up with many competitive City Council races and the most exciting mayor’s race in the County. All good choices, from candidates that love their city and their neighbors. What really impressed me about Ali is that when her opponent’s signs were being stolen or kicked down, she publicly asked whomever was doing it to stop. This is what democracy should look like, where we talk about ideas, not fight over personalities. Where we support our neighbors. The nation could learn from Ferndale! 

Ali has a big heart and she uses it to make Ferndale better from volunteering on the North County Poverty Task Force, devoting countless of hours each year to raising funds for animal rescue charities, to beautifying Ferndale and recently helping to design a mural with the Ferndale Arts Commission. 

If Ali is elected to the council she will support responsible growth, ensuring business owners in Ferndale are treated fairly and work hard to make sure Ferndale is always a great place to work and live. 

Sharon Shewmake
State Representative for the 42nd Legislative District

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